I collected data from several weeks before the campaign so I would have a base to compare with. I then matched this against results which were gathered across the two weeks of the campaign and then a further two weeks after the campaign ended.

 I undertook no other advertising or promotions during this time frame in an effort to keep the data as clean as possible and to try and show the direct impact that the giveaway had on sales. The results are below:

Military Friends ABC

  • 677 Entrants
  • 233 ‘Want to Read’

Grandpa’s 1 to 10 and Back Again

  • 627 Entrants
  • 225 ‘Want to Read’

Tanks Do Not Make Good Pets

  • 666 Entrants
  • 223 ‘Want to Read’

The Results

The goal of a Goodreads giveaway is to gain visibility to potential customers and to get as many as possible to add your books to their ‘Want to Read’ section in Goodreads.

This will hopefully act as a catalyst to encourage those people to seek out and purchase those books. The ‘Want to Read’ section is promoted to their friends gaining you extra visibility and ultimately I’m looking for a chain reaction.

I believe the Goodreads giveaway program has a lot of opportunists who are simply after anything free or those who seek profit from winning copies of free books and then on-selling them. These are simple to identify as they have physically unchecked the ‘Add to Want to Read’ box but still entered the giveaway. On average, the results show up to 35% of the entrants actually had interest in the books while approximately 65% were possibly opportunists looking for free swag.

Regardless, for the price of three books and shipping, I have reached up to 233 potential customers from this campaign. The big question – did it convert to sales?

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